Selection System intended for Ccsfp(City School of San Fernando Pampanga)

 Library Program for CcsfpCity College of San Fernando Pampanga Dissertation

Metropolis College of San Fernando, Pampanga

Associated with San Fernando Pampanga

City College Library System

Glena joy Aninon B.

Arvie Gajonera

January 21, 2013


The library is one of the most important departments in any organization, particularly inside the academic and research discipline because of its position as vital and abundant source of modern day and even old information.

The location College catalogue practices the open shelf system. Borrowers are free to go to the shelves to select the books they need. Catalogs are established using the Catalogue of Congress Classification Program. On 2009 the library was started out, with the 1st librarian Mrs. Honorata Pasigon, now the top librarian is usually Mrs. Micka Calilung and the Assistant librarian is Mrs. Flordeliza S. Lomangaya. Before the City College is briefly housed in the Pampanga Senior high school Campus, as of March up to 29, 2012 they have 2, 927 total amounts of books. On November nineteen, 2012 the location College have their own building and selection facilities, the library is definitely open from Monday-Friday, doze: 00 pm- 9: 35, Saturday almost 8: 00-5: 00pm, and as of January 18, 2013 they have 3, 4 hundred total number of books. Almost all bona fide learners, faculty associates, staff with the City College can make use of the collection. Visitors and students of additional educational institutions using a referral page signed by way of a librarians or perhaps School heads can also avail of the services of the location College Collection. The Collection has a manual library managed system, each transaction and processes are carried out by hand. The librarian prepares list of literature per system, daily figures, library activities, accomplishment report and other documents. With these concepts, a thought of having a computerized selection system to get the City School of San Fernando arrived up.


The quantity of books is usually continually elevating for the borrowers requirements.


Manual maintaining and searching for publication records, manual maintaining and...



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