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Korean books, the body of performs written by Koreans, at first in Classical Oriental, later in numerous transcription systems using Chinese characters, and finally in Hangul (Korean: han'gЕ­l; Hankul in the Yale romanization), the nationwide alphabet.

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Although Korea has had its language for a few thousand years, it has a new writing system only since the mid-15th century, when Hangul was developed. As a result, early on literary activity was in Chinese characters. Korean scholars were writing poetry in the traditional manner of Time-honored Chinese for least by 4th century ce. A national schools was established soon after the beginning of the Single Silla empire (668–935), and, from the time of the establishment of municipal service tests in the mid-10th century until their derogation in 1894, every informed Korean read the Confucian Classics and China histories and literature. The Korean top classes were therefore bilingual in a special sense: they will spoke Korean but composed in Chinese.

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By the 7th century something, called idu, had been created that allowed Koreans for making rough transliterations of Chinese texts. Sooner or later, certain Chinese characters had been used for all their phonetic benefit to represent Korean language particles of speech and inflectional being. A more extended system of transcribing, called hyangch'al, followed shortly thereafter, in which entire content in Korean language could be written in China. In another program, kugyЕЏl, abbreviated versions of Chinese personas were used to denote grammatical elements and were injected into texts during transcribing. Extant literary works reveal, however , that before the twentieth century a lot of Korean literature was written in Chinese rather than in Korean, actually after the advent of Hangul.

In general, in that case, literature created in Korea falls in to three classes: works crafted in the early on transcription systems, those written in Hangul, and those written in...



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