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In this paper I will be performing an examination on Leader Obama's Health Care Plan. I will talk about some of the main issues, the costs, and how the master plan will be funded. I will also be listing some of the major advantages and disadvantages that are correspond with the plan, involving the quality of care, usage of care and just how the costs will certainly affect everyone involved. Other items that I may also be covering are definitely the unintended consequences and the potential response of health care providers, healthcare consumers and health care payers. At the end Let me articulate my own position and personal feelings regarding the Obama Health care insurance option.

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America spends more than other nations when it comes to healthcare. This could be a direct result wasteful and inefficient spending. It is a concern that we will face spending budget strain, specifically due to the Baby Boomer generation. Employers offering health insurance for their employees have been declining as well as the costs from the insurance programs are increasing. Even though some people that are employed include insurance, the insurance company varies on the protection they provide. We need to take a look at our health attention system and target the problems that are leading to waste in the way we spend our money. Our top quality of care needs to be better and we need to find techniques will help generate it better. Providing good quality of attention and minimizing patient mortality rates is important. Below I will be discussing the Obama Care prepare and how it plans to cope with and take care of a few of the major concerns we are facing when it comes to our overall health care program. The Obama Health Care Plan is usually known as Obama Care Plan. The plan originated in order to reform health care in the us. It aimed to reform our overall health care system so that we're able to treat and help the people whom did not have proper medical care insurance. On Drive 23, 2010 President Obama signed the sufferer Protection and Affordable Attention Act, often known as Obama Proper care. The Bill was executed to reform the way in which we wastefully spend money, programs that do certainly not work, and present people more rights to be able to obtain medical care insurance. President Obama wanted to reduce the amount we spend in health care, provide more coverage, therefore President Obama's Health care insurance option 4

making it easier for people in order to seek and receive medical attention. One of the things the program has been capable to achieve is that health insurance corporations can't drop you from the coverage because you get sick or have state that had been pre-existing and the companies cover preventative eservices. Obama Proper care has made significant cuts in Medicare midsection and it includes given it to Medicare to be able to improve mature citizen's attention. Medicaid was expanded for the poor. President Obama wanted to make sure that almost all Americans are supplied affordable medical insurance. Obama Care is not meant to replace Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance companies. The master plan had the largest middle-class tax cut pertaining to health care, which will would decrease the premium costs for small businesses proprietors and households. Obama Attention wanted to close the doughnut hole insurance gap that existed in Medicare's prescription medications. Obama's prepare will cover people by either private insurance or community insurance. Obama's health care plan will be have sections inside the Affordable Proper care Act. Let me list a few of the measures that will aid pay for the care change. First, businesses and people will have to pay an additional. 9% tax about taxable cash flow and several. 8% about capital increases exceeding $200/$250K (http://www.obamacarefacts.com). Medicare's budget will probably be cut simply by $716 billion, which is cash that is becoming generated simply by...

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