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Regression Analysis (Tom's Used Mustangs)

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Date: The spring 19st, 2012

Re: Statistic Research on value settings

Various hypothesis tests had been compared along with several multiple regressions to be able to identify the factors that would manipulate the selling price of Ford Mustangs. The data being utilized contains findings on 35 used Mustangs and 15 different attributes. The test hypothesis that price is dependent on perhaps the car is usually convertible can be superior to the other speculation tests executed. The examination performed showed that the check hypothesis with all the smallest P-value was favorable, convertible automobiles had the tiniest P-value. Your data that is used from this regression analysis to find the appropriate equation unit for the partnership between value, age and mileage can be from the Bryant/Smith Case 7 Tom's Utilized Mustangs. Because described in case, the car sales will be determined generally by Tom's gut sense to determine his asking rates. The most effective speculation test that exhibits a relationship while using mean price is if the car is convertible. The Regression Analysis is conducted to verify if there is any relationship involving the price and mileage, color, owner and age and GT. After running many models with different independent variables, it is figured there is a relationship between the value and distance, price and age. ADVANTAGES

The main target of the statement is to execute an research that will assist Ben in establishing prices pertaining to used Mustangs in the near future. A statistic analysis was carried out to gain an enhanced understanding on the requesting prices plus the desired results will be attained by hypothesis assessment and multiple-regression analysis.


Hypothesis screening is appropriate to supply evidence in favor of some declaration. The testing that is performed can test if there is a marriage or is usually not a relationship between mean price and convertible autos. Similar hypothesis testing will be carried out for the data set provide. Your decision rule will be based on the P-value, which will determine how much uncertainness is casted on the null hypothesisВ by the sample info. Tom's applied Mustangs uses an alpha dog of 0. 1 which will be the benchmark for the P-value, any kind of value below 0. you will cause the being rejected of the null hypothesis. The first hypothesis test is to use convertible vehicles, the desk below exhibits the P-value of

the price against convertible automobiles.

P-value: Price versus Convertible Car

Predictor Coef SE Coef T S

Constant 7281. 2 708. 2 10. 28 zero. 000

CONVERT 3194 1325 2 . 41 0. 022

Since the P-value is 0. 022 which value is definitely smaller than 0. 1, the null speculation will be refused and this proves that there is enough evidence to say that there is a relationship between your mean price and convertible cars, transformable cars do cause the purchase price to change. The 2nd hypothesis check is with tranny type, the table listed below displays the P-value of price against transmission type.


P-value: Price as opposed to Color

Predictor Coef APRENDI Coef To P

Constant 7098 1644 4. 32 0. 000

COLOR 231. 0 319. 0 0. 72 zero. 474

The P-value is 0. 474 and this benefit is more than 0. one particular, the null hypothesis can not be rejected which explains there is insufficient facts to claim that there is no relationship between selling price and color, the variant in color does not trigger the price to modify.


Regression Analysis

We executed this to evaluate whether the applied Mustang's rates depend on color, GT, owner, mileage or Age. We all chose prices as the dependent changing and mileage and grow older as person dependents. All of us ran various kinds models, every with different parameters. After working all models, we concluded that the best models were price or mileage and...



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