The Goblet Menagerie

 The Glass Menagerie Dissertation

The Glass Menagerie-Journal Access #1

In case you could change the outcome in the story, what change might you make? Easily could change the outcome with the story, We would have allowed Laura and Jim O'Connor to marry. I would have made this modify because in that case Amanda's problem would have recently been solved, and Laura may have had financial support in the future. Another reason We would have made this change is because Jim O'Connor would have recently been the ideal man for Laura because he linked to her. He saw past her uncomfortable fondness of the glass dog set. He also got Laura to take pride in herself. Another thing We would change may be the early section of Ben. I understand that he was longing for adventure outside the stockroom. I also understand that he and his mom were not the very best of friends, but We would have stored him in the household pertaining to Laura's sake. I would possess kept him there right up until both Laura and Amanda were looked after, financial sensible. I do believe that this was an extremely selfish decision seeing that his mother is definitely unemployed wonderful sister is usually crippled and has no cardiovascular system to find a gentleman caller. Lastly, by the end of the story Laura would have recently been enrolled in some type of school to master a skill. Given that her sibling is gone, she has to step up to a lot of responsibilities. She has simply no gentleman unknown caller and the girl dropped out of business school. Consequently , she are unable to even get a job because your woman does not learn how to do anything that can support her financially. Since Jake remaining, the is going to be very volatile due to having no income source.

The Glass Menagerie-Journal Entry #2

I agree/ disagree with _______'s decision to________ because…….

I extremely disagree with Tom's decision to leave his home. It was a very selfish decision. Tom was longing for excursion outside of his job on the warehouse, nevertheless I believe this individual could have remaining at a later time. This individual basically kept his family to take care of all their selves. That would have been quite alright, yet Amanda can be unemployed and Laura is definitely crippled without having skill without business gentleman to support her.

Though I know Ben had to manage his mom's fussing and arguing, this individual should have endured it pertaining to Laura's reason. He was the man of the house, thus he needs to have made sure everyone had what they needed, or at least a way to get what they necessary before he just chose to run off. We agreed with what Tom's mother said about the man leaving. Your woman stated that Tom would be free to get wherever this individual pleased so long as Laura got somebody to manage her, a home of her very own, and till she was married and independent. It had been also very wrong for Tom not to pay the electric power bill and use the funds to run away. So not only did he leave his family stranded, he as well left these people in the dark.

Certainly with Amanda's decision to find Laura a lady caller. In the event that Amanda had not put in a suggestion for Mary to bring house one of his co-worker's, Laura would not possess gotten any self-confidence. We also believe that it is Amanda's duty to look for her daughter a financial ally. Laura may not have possibly tried to locate one due to her shy persona and low self-esteem.

The Goblet Menagerie-Journal Entrance #3

What did you most like and dislike about the author's style of publishing? The style that Tennessee Williams wrote " The Glass Menagerie”, was in memory enjoy. A recollection play is definitely when a style, plot, and context are based upon memory. A recollection play may be the result of a genuine experience. In memory plays, the narrator can add layers of theatre and signs while even now keeping the realistic touch. There are two landscapes presented in memory takes on: the truth and memory's distortion of the truth. The story the fact that play tells is informed because of the uncontrollable grip they have on the narrator's memory. The very fact that the enjoy exists at all is acceptance to the power that memory can easily exert on people's lives and consciousness.

I really like how the author collection the whole play off of memory. Both Mary...



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